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Please read our terms & conditions before completing this form. Your submission of an application to trade at the market constitutes the acceptance of each one of our terms & conditions. Terms & Conditions can be found at (click on link):

Trader Application

Trader Application

Please complete all fields as applicable

Please provide an e-mail address that want to receive all communication relating to the market if accepted as a trader. The market's main form of communication is via e-mail.
Required to ensure correct e-mail address entered as market's main form of communication is via e-mail
Open your stall/business Facebook page, copy the full url from browser and paste here
Open your stall/business Instagram page, copy the full url from browser and paste here
Please select the sub-category most appropriate for your stall
Subject to approval and stall fee not set. We prefer that stalls use one of our set stall sizes. Will advise on review of application if this size can be accommodated and the applicable stall fee.
List all the products that you would like to sell at the market including details of where and by who it is made. Please give as much information as possible. Once application submitted you must please also e-mail pictures of all your products to
If available please e-mail pictures of stall set-up together with pictures of products to
Give details of markets where you are currently trading as well as markets where you have traded in the past
Indicate the lowest and highest prices of your products
If selling any food or drinks for consumption by public either at market or at home then a COA required. Please also provide a copy of COA with application if applicable when sending product/stall photos via e-mail.
General indication of intended market attendance
Cost to hire a table is currently R75 and payable in advance with stall fee. Only 1 table will be hired per stall if required and will have to purchase own table eventually if accepted and attends the market on a regular basis.
Tick as applicable
Terms & Conditions can be found at

Once you have submitted the above form please send us an e-mail with photos of all your products as well as photos of stall (if available) and copy of COA (if applicable). Applications will not be reviewed if photos not received via e-mail to accompany application form.