Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms & conditions carefully. Your submission of an application to trade at the market constitutes the acceptance of each one of these terms & conditions.



  • Products must be proudly South African in design and creation. Whilst products can contain some imported components, they must be conceived and hand-finished locally. Products from neighbouring African states will also be considered.
  • Stall owner must be involved in the design or creation of the products, no agents or re-sellers.
  • Directly imported products will not be allowed.
  • Products should not be readily available in shops and must not be mass produced or infringe on any copyright.
  • All products to be offered for sale must be listed on the application form.



  • Applications for stalls are considered on the variety and balance of products offered at the market, overlap and impact on other stallholders and how sellable products are to our average market visitor. By applying you are not automatically accepted to trade at the market, your application will be reviewed and you will be informed via e-mail if you have been accepted or not.
  • To apply, an online application form that can be found on our website at www.fieldmarket.co.za/traders should be completed.
  • Applications received in the week before market will only be considered for the next market thereafter thus should apply at least a week before market.
  • The market management reserves the right to refuse applications without having to justify its decision or having to provide reasons for the rejection.



  • A stall can only be booked if your application was accepted. The application form is completed only once and applies to all markets that will be attending (don’t have to complete a form for every market).
  • In the event of a trader wishing to alter type or range of goods traded, management must be made aware and these changes will be subject to prior approval.
  • A stall reservation is made by replying to acceptance e-mail (new application) or reservation e-mail (accepted regular & occasional traders) that is sent out between 4 to 2 weeks before next market. Once reservation confirmed via e-mail by market can proceed to make payment to confirm booking (banking details will be provided when reservation confirmed). Bookings will only become effective when we receive your payment of required stall fee.
  • All stall fees must be received 1 week before the date of market (latest Friday a week before market). If we have not received stall fee payment, we will consider your booking ineffective and stall space will be allocated to another trader.
  • Stall fees must be paid in advance via electronic transfer. NO cash payments will be accepted on market day. The market dates are set at beginning of each year and if you book within the required time then you should have sufficient time to be able to pay via electronic transfer.



  • The cost of a stall is as indicated on our website or any subsequent notices once accepted to trade.
  • This fee goes towards various costs including the rent of venue, administration, marketing, set-up on day, security, music entertainment on the day and development of the market.



  • Market trading hours is from 10am to 3pm; stall must be occupied and trading during this time.
  • You may commence set up from 8am onwards; please do not arrive earlier unless you have made alternative arrangements with us. Vehicles may enter the market area and unload directly at your stall area after which the vehicle must then be moved to the parking area. This is not applicable if your vehicle is your stall for example a food truck.
  • No entry after 9am for traders to offload at the market, must arrive at least an hour before start of market.
  • Vehicle must be unloaded and moved to designated trader parking area before 9:30am.
  • Your stall must be fully set-up by 10am when the market starts.
  • Packing up of stalls is not permitted before 3pm. All stalls must remain until closing time, busy or not busy. Stalls that do not adhere to this will NOT be allowed back at the market.
  • The exhibitor shall remove all its fixtures and fittings after end of the market and site to be clear by 4pm. Failing that market management shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the exhibitor.



  • Allocation of spaces at the venue is at the sole discretion of the market management. The market layout is changed constantly as it grows and your stall will not necessarily have the same allocation each time. Stalls are allocated to best fit the layout, look and feel of the market as a whole.
  • You will be given your stall allocation on market day upon arrival at the market.
  • Traders shall bring own tables, chairs, umbrella/canopy/gazebo, tablecloths, fixtures and fittings necessary to exhibit its products. We strongly advise traders to plan for hot or rainy weather to protect themselves and their goods and possessions. It is advisable to presume that will not have any shade and to adequately prepare for this (please do not request shade as not taken into account when stall layout planning done).
  • Traders shall not place goods outside their designated areas, or encroach on other traders designated areas.
  • You may display your work in any way you choose, but please ensure that any display racks/shelves or signs are stable and secure and will not cause any hazard or obstruction to other sellers or visitors. Stall must be kept in a clean and tidy condition throughout the market and is responsibility of stallholder.
  • In the interest of keeping a high standard at our market, you will need to have table cloths that cover unsightly trestle table legs to the ground (no table legs or storage containers visible) and an eye-catching, professional and appealing set-up.
  • All storage and packing material must be removed from the stall site or sealed from view before the start of the market.
  • All rubbish, waste and packaging must be taken away with the stallholder. Bins provided do NOT cater for stallholder rubbish. The stall site must be left in the condition it was found.
  • Stall space is let to the stallholder stated and must not be sub-let to any other party. NO shared stalls.
  • Market management has the right to ask stalls to remove any of their exhibits and to make alterations to their display if they are deemed unsuitable, create a hazard or for any other legitimate reason. Can also ask any stallholder to leave, should your stall or any aspect thereof not meet the required standards.
  • We are an electricity free market and stallholder must arrange own energy source if required. Must take extra care when using gas or open fires to ensure safety of all and where necessary portable fire extinguishers will be required.
  • You are responsible to collect own payment from customers via cash or other payment methods (Zapper, Snapscan, Yoco, Ikohka, ABSA payment pebble, FNB ewallet etc). We however require all traders to have Zapper and will provide signup details if accepted to trade at the market (free to sign up and traders of market receive a reduced transaction fee rate).
  • Zapper QR code to be displayed at all times at stall.
  • No posters, handing out of flyers or any other promotional items/advertising materials, other than at your own stand. Furthermore these materials only for own business, no 3rd party advertising. Also no unsolicited direct marketing to visitors walking past stall, only to interact with visitors showing an interest in stall.



  • Cars to be moved after off-loading at stall to designated traders parking area and by latest 9:30am.
  • Cars must be parked in designated traders parking area after off loading, no cars allowed behind or near your stall. The market and surrounding area is to be kept car-free due to safety and environmental requirements.
  • No movement of vehicles allowed between 10am and 3pm from trader parking area. Access gate will be locked and will only be opened in case of emergency. Trader cars to be parked in visitor parking area if required to go in and out during day.



  • All exhibitors must clearly display their stall name on the stand.
  • If you intend to sell food or drinks to be consumed at the market or at home then you will be required to provide a valid Certificate of Acceptability (COA). You will not be allowed to trade without this, copy to be provided with application. This must also be on display at all times at your stall.



  • Damage / injury caused by vendors products or stall is own responsibility and thus advise that stallholder have own public liability insurance.
  • It is your personal responsibility to ensure you trade legally and safely at all times.
  • In addition, we are not responsible for injury or accident caused by your product or exhibit, damage to or theft of your stock/property whilst you are attending our market.
  • The stallholder shall indemnify the market management from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, debts, liabilities and attorney’s fees arising out of, claimed on account of, or in any manner predicated upon loss or damage to the property or the injuries or the death of any and all persons whatsoever, in any manner caused or contributed to by the stallholder or the stall holder’s employees while in, upon or about the property where in the stall is located, or while going to or departing from the same and to indemnify the market management from and or any account of damages of any kind which the may be suffered as the result of the acts of any of the market contractors, agents, or employees in or about the property the market is at.



  • Regular stallholders must bring their own tables. Please contact us for info on suppliers of collapsible tables that can be transported easily on market day. Own tables are a good investment if planning on attending our market or other markets on a regular basis as once of purchase price is equal to cost of table hire of +/- 6 to 8 markets (saving if this number of markets exceeded).
  • New or occasional traders can hire tables via the market at an additional fee. Maximum of 1 table hired per stall. This must be booked and paid in advance at least 1 week before market date. The hire fee is non-refundable as we use an external company to supply tables. Any damage to hire tables will be for account of stallholder.
  • Due to storage limitations at venue we cannot guarantee that we will be able to hire a table for you, availability will be confirmed when you make a reservation.



  • Stallholders and/or their helpers must conduct themselves in an orderly manner and must not use obscene language. Abusive or anti-social behaviour whilst on site, by stallholders or by anyone associated with that person, will result in instant dismissal from the event. Abusive behaviour, either verbal or written, towards market management or staff, will not be tolerated and will result in instant dismissal from event and any future events.
  • The use of radios, speakers or other instruments used in a manner likely to cause a nuisance to other traders and the public is prohibited.



  • The market has extensive online marketing strategies in place and will also advertise in print as deemed suitable.
  • Please note that we only share pictures of your products if the quality, styling and composition of your photos are acceptable to us and in line with the look and feel of our social media pages.
  • You are required to like all our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and undertake to like and share our posts on a regular basis.
  • You agree that we can take photos of your products/stall and that these photos can be shared on our social media pages.



  • Market management will put in place all reasonable plans to ensurethat the market goes ahead as advertised. However, we cannot be held responsible for events that are outside our control which lead to a change in, or cancellation of the market.
  • Stall fees are non-refundable if cancel at late notice, i.e. 4 days prior to market (no refund and payments will not be carried over to a following market). Only refundable if cancel 5 days or more before market date.
  • No credits or refunds are issued in the case of poor weather on market day. The market will trade in all weather conditions. Please do not apply for a stall unless you are prepared to take the risk on weather.
  • In the unlikely event of extreme weather conditions the market will be cancelled. Stallholders will receive a 50% credit that will be carried over to the next market date (only carried over once, if this market date not attended credit will be forfeited). Both the market and you as a stallholder take a risk on the market being outdoors and this cancellation risk is shared 50/50. Please do not apply to trade should you not accept this term.
  • If you are unable to make it on market day, please let us know via telephone call as early as possible in the morning so that we can fill the space (open stall spaces look unprofessional and negative impact on market).
  • If you have not arrived to set-up at least half an hour before the start of the market and have also not contacted us to inform what has happened we will assume cancellation and your spot will be reallocated/filled.



  • The market is a non-smoking event, smoking will not be permitted at stall, market or children’s play area.
  • The market is pet-friendly but all animals must be kept on leashes while in the market and children’s play area.
  • As with any event, we cannot guarantee visitor numbers but we will do our utmost to ensure that you have a successful market but bad weather or other interruptions is out of our control.


The market management reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
Booking a stall with us constitutes your acceptance of our terms and conditions.
As at March 2018